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Peel Halton Insights

Published by Working in Peel Halton, Peel Halton Insights is a bi-weekly analysis of key labour market information written in an easy-to-understand style. Click here to subscribe. 

Issue #44: Understanding the Reasons for Employment Increases

Issue #43: Mid-Year Labour Market Review: August 2015

Issue #42: Older Workers: Long-Term Employment and Re-Employment

Issue #41: Why are Employers Taking Longer to Hire?‏

Issue #40: What is Happening with Unions in Ontario?

Issue #39: Technology and Its Impact on Jobs

Issue #38: Youth Unemployment Remains High

Issue #37: Does More Education Equal More Income?

Issue #36:  Occupations in the Non-Profit Sector in Peel and Halton

Issue #35: Working in Non-Profit in Peel and Halton

Issue #34: Why the Walmart Pay Raise in the USA Matters in Canada

Issue #33:Using Labour Marketing Data: How it can help and how it can be frustrating‏

Issue #32: Labour Force Reality Check

Issue #31: The Local Labour Market 2008-2014: Who got hit hard and which 5 industries experienced growth

Issue #30: Cleaning Up: Light Duty Cleaners & Janitors Rank in the Top 15 Jobs and are Worth Understanding‏

Issue #29: Making More Money: 4 Job Characteristics That Affect Your Paycheque

Issue #28: Administrative & Support Services

Issue #27: Food-Related Employment in Peel and Halton Regions

Issue #26: RETAIL SALESPERSON: A growing industry but choose wisely‏

Issue #25: Immigrants & Education: The More Education, the Bigger the Employment Gap

Issue #24: Does Your Education Choice Really Affect Your Employment Outcome?

Issue #23: Part-Time Work & How to Make It Work For You

Issue #22: Job Retention Rates: Is there more stability in the workforce?

Issue #21: Mid-Year Labour Market Update

Issue #20: What are the most common occupations of male residents in Peel Halton?

Issue #19: What are the most common occupations of female residents in Peel Halton?

Issue #18: Language at Work

Issue #17: 28,900 jobs lost in the last month. Is there reason to be concerned?

Issue #16: The Gender Pay Gap

Issue #15: Pay and Gender

Issue #14: Kijiji Labour Market Data and Skills Shortages

Issue #13: Where are the Jobs in Peel and Halton?

Issue #12: Older Workers

Issue #11: The Self-Employed

Issue #10: Long Term Unemployment: Why It’s Happening

Issue #9: The Professional, Scientific and Technical Services Industry in Peel and Halton Regions

Issue #8: Labour Market Outcomes of Newcomers to Canada

Issue #7: How Peel Halton Employers Hire

Issue #6: Changes in Employment and Wages in Ontario

Issue #5: Labour Market Report from TD Economics

Issue #4: The Supply Chain Sector in Peel and Halton Regions

Issue #3: The Health Care Industry in Peel and Halton Regions

Issue #2: Who are unemployed in Peel and Halton?

Issue #1: Where do your neighbours work?